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These are the finished measurements of each size:

*all measurements in inches


 Ladies Sizes:   XS   S   M   L   XL
 Bust   27"   30"   33"   36"   39"
 Waist   23"   26"   29"   32"   35"
 Hip   27"   30"   33"   36"   39"
Bodice Length   15"   15 1/2"   16"   16 1/2"   17"


 Girls Sizes: 

 Size 8     Size 10     Size 12  

 Size 14  

 Height   52"   56"   58 1/2"   61"
 Chest   23"   24 1/2"   26"   27 1/2"
 Waist   21 1/2"   23"   24 1/2"   26"
 Hip   25"   27"   29"   31"
 Bodice Length   11 1/2"   12 1/2"   13 1/2"   14 1/2"



Children's Sizes:   Size 4  Size 5  Size 6  Size 7
 Height   41"   44"   47"   50"
 Chest   20"   21"   22"   23"
 Waist   18"   19"   20"   21"
 Hip   21"   22"   23"   24"
 Bodice Lengh   9 1/2"   10"   10 1/2"   11"



Help me choose the best size!

You may already have an idea which size range you fall into, but remember that sizes are NOT universal and can vary greatly between stores!  A size Medium (for example) in one store could be larger or smaller in another store. That is why it is so important to measure yourself and take a look at an online store's size chart before ordering! Why not take a few moments to be sure that you've chosen the right size!

Below we will guide you step by step in measuring and determining your size.  Stay with us -- it isn't that difficult!  :)

You will need a cloth tape measure, a pen and paper to write down your measurements, and a possibly friend to help you.  It is best to wear clothing that won't interfere with your measuring (ex: no bulky layers or gathers).  Stand straight and naturally (don't suck in your tummy or puff out your chest)  A natural pose is best.  If you plan on wearing a bra or sports bra with your swimsuit, you will want to be wearing that as you measure.

Take the following measurements in inches:

  • Bust - the circumference of the fullest part of the chest

  • Waist - the circumference of your natural waistline (usually around belly button)

  • Hip - the circumference of the fullest part of the hips

  • Bodice Length - the length that you would like the top part of the swimsuit to be (top of shoulder to waistline).

  • Height (girls & children's sizes only) - measure from the top of the head to the floor. (It is best to do this against a flat surface like a wall or door.)

The following measurements are optional unless you are ordering a Custom Made Swimsuit:

  • Thigh Circumference - measure around the fullest part of your thigh

  • End of Legging Circumference - measure around your leg, at the spot were the leggings will end

  • Upper Arm Circumference - measure around your upper arm, at widest spot.

  • End of Sleeve Circumference - meausre around the spot on your arm were your sleeve will end
  • Skirt Length - measure from your waistline, down to where you would like the skirt to end


  • Legging Length - Measure from your belly button, down to where you would like the leggings to end


Now that you have all of your measurements written down, it is time to compare them with the size charts!  :)

The size chart shows the finished measurements of each size.  Compare your bust, waist and hip measurements to the chart to see which size is closest to your measurements.

Everyone prefers a different type of fit.  Some ladies like a tight fit for support.  Others prefer their swimsuit loose for modesty.  We recommend a fitted fit (the finished measurements of the swimsuit being the same as your body measurements) so that the swimsuit will stay in place well while swimming.  We especially recommend the waist area of the bodice to be fitted so that the swimsuit stays put and doesn't float up in the water!

  • For a "Fitted Fit" choose a size that is closest to your body measurements.  For example, if your waist is 32", a size L would be exactly the same as your waist measurement. 
  • For a "Loose Fit" choose a size that is larger than your body measurements.  For example, if your bust is 38", a size XL would give you a little extra room.
  • For a "Tight Fit" choose a size that is a bit smaller than your body measurements.  For example, if your hips are 31", a size S would be snug fitting.


You may not fall perfectly into one size range, but might be between two or three different sizes.  In this case you have a few different options:
  1. Just order the size that is closest.  Lycra fabric is stretchy!  (Or order the next size up, if you are uncomfortable with a tight fit.)
  2. Order two different sizes and return the one you don't want.
  3. Give us your measurements when ordering a custom made swimsuit, and we will do any alterations necessary to give you the type of fit you would like!

Hope that makes sense!  If you are still unsure, feel free to email us with your measurements for a size recommendation!