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Fabric Care


Treat Your New Swimsuit Kindly!


Of all types of clothing, swimsuits are probably exposed to the harshest treatment (pool chemicals, heat, salt, sand, sun, stretching, etc.) but with care, you can prolong the life of your swimsuit. Please take the time to read these fabric care tips!


It is the tiny spandex fibers which gives the swimsuit it’s stretch and holds the fabric's shape.  Even the finest quality fabric is destroyed or weakened by pool chemicals, salt, heat, sun, rough stretching or wringing, etc.  Putting a swimsuit in the dryer just once will destroy the spandex fibers instantly.  


Here are some things you can do to protect the spandex fibers:


-Never put a swimsuit in the dryer, or expose it to heat.  


-Always rinse pool chemicals and salt from your swimsuit right after swimming with a chlorine neutralizing rinse so that the chemicals won't eat away at the swimsuit while it is in your closet!  Soaps don't neutralize chlorine, but you can buy swimsuit rinses that do (we offer these on our website).


-After neutralizing chlorine, bromine or salt, rinse with cool water (never hot!) and gently squeeze out excess watera (don't wring as this is hard on the fibers).  Hang to dry in a cool, shady place (not in the hot sun because any type of heat is hard on the fibers and sunshine can also bleach the color over time).


-Never roll up your swimsuit in a towel after swimming and leave it sitting like this.  The warmth and chemical combination insulated by the towel are not a good combination for your swimsuit!



Protect and prolong the life of your swimsuit with Suit Solutions!


Suit SolutionsTM helps protect fine swimwear from chlorine damage. It preserves color and elasticity, and keeps suits smelling fresh. Add two capfuls of Suit SolutionsTM to a basin of water, swish the suit around and the chlorine is neutralized! It's simple, fast, and effective!